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  • Full Platters serve 10 people and half platters serve 5 people, as a guide.
  • We need a minimum of 5 hours to prepare your fresh platters.
  • Currently, we only accept credit card payments for online orders.
  • If any platter ingredients are unavailable, we will substitute them with equally delicious options.
  • Hot platters are made hot but may cool down by collection time.
    You can easily reheat them in the microwave or oven as they come on a heat-safe aluminum tray.
  • Please note that, as a policy, we do not offer refunds on platters once they have been ordered.

Here’s how you can order online:

  1. Pick your favorite Parklane SuperSpar platters below.
  2. Check the allergen list to make sure you are not allergic to any platter ingredients.
  3. Choose between a full or half platter portion.
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  5. Enter your details accurately. We may need to confirm your order and promise to keep your info confidential.
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  8. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and collection time. Please bring this confirmation when you pick up your order.

Enjoy your platters!


Spicy Wing Platter

This delicious platter consists of 3kg of spicy wings that are packed with flavour and various spices as well as delectable blue cheese dip in the centre of the platter.

FULL R520 | HALF R280

From: R280.00

Slider Platter

Our slider platter is comprised of delicious beef and chicken sliders, as well as yummy beef and chicken prego rolls for a genuine Portuguese flavour.

FULL R470 | HALF R280

From: R280.00

Chicken Wing Platter

A delicious assortment of chicken wings, including spicy peri-peri, barbeque, honey-soy and zesty lemon and herb. The chicken wing platter comes with a delicious blue cheese dip in the middle.

FULL R520 | HALF R275

From: R275.00

Hot Snacks Platter

This platter offers a range of crispy chicken nuggets, golden chicken pieces, spicy samoosas, tasty sausage rolls, juicy meatballs and cocktail sausages. Mouth-watering treats suitable to satisfy everyone's tastes.

FULL R550 | HALF R300

From: R300.00

Springbok Platter

A perfect snack platter for the rugby with saucy chicken kebabs, tasty meatballs, mini vetkoek, cocktail chicken sausages and tender ribs.

FULL R520 | HALF R290

From: R290.00

Chicken & Rib Platter

A combination of deliciously meaty pork spare ribs and tender chicken pieces.

FULL R670 | HALF R380

From: R380.00

Vegetarian Platter

This hot platter caters for everyone with vegetable spring rolls, tasty potato samoosa, potato bites, delicious cheese puffs, chilli bites, mini quiches, veggie nuggets and crumbed mushrooms.

FULL R500 | HALF R270

From: R270.00


Cold Platter

Tempting cold treats including cheese nibbles, asparagus rolled in ham, delicious salami cones, roast beef and gherkins, mini quiches, stuffed baby bell peppers, mouth-watering pate and savoury biscuits.

FULL R480 | HALF R280

From: R280.00

Cheese Platter

A beautifully presented cheese board of Baby Gouda, Camembert, Tusser's, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Gouda, Brie, Emmenthaler, Mozzarella Balls and Cream Cheese accompanied by grapes, candied cashew nuts, fig preserves and biscuits.

FULL R580 | HALF R320

From: R320.00

Wrap Platter

This platter is packed with irrestible mini flour tortillas filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, BBQ chicken, smoked chicken, bacon and avocado and roasted vegetable.

FULL R500 | HALF R290

From: R290.00

Sandwich Platter

The freshest sandwiches with the following fillings: chicken and mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, ham, cheese and ham, cheese, salami and mozzarella, roast beef and mustard, silverside and piccalilli.

FULL R320 | HALF R200

From: R200.00

Health Sandwich Platter

A healthier version of the traditional sandwich platter, made with health bread, also with the following fillings: chicken and mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, ham, cheese and ham, cheese, salami and mozzarella, roast beef and mustard, silverside and piccalilli.

FULL R350 | HALF R220

From: R220.00

Cocktail Bread Roll Platter

Fresh cocktail bread rolls loaded with ham, cheese and tomato, chicken mayonnaise, lettuce and cucumber, ham, tomato, and gherkins, and chicken and lettuce.

FULL R260 | HALF R150

From: R150.00

Savoury Mini Croissant Platter

Mini croissants filled with ham and cheese, bacon and brie, scrambled egg and rocket, and chicken and mayonnaise.

FULL R350 | HALF R200

From: R200.00

Open Sandwich Platter

Lightly toasted baguettes elegantly topped with roast beef and mustard, smoked chicken and pesto, egg and mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and onion marmalade, and tuna and mayonnaise.

FULL R320 | HALF R180

From: R180.00

Mini Pita Platter

Mini pita breads stuffed with the following delicious fillings: roast beef and mustard, smoked chicken and pesto, chicken, mayonnaise and chives, smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and onion marmalade, tuna and mayonnaise, and bacon and avocado.

FULL R390 | HALF R240

From: R240.00

Brunch Platter

A selection of scrumptious scones, delicious croissants and mouth-watering muffins as well as preserves, and a selection of condiments.

FULL R320 | HALF R190

From: R190.00

Sushi Platter

This platter is perfect for our sushi lovers and consists of an assortment of freshly made pieces with sushi rice, prawn, crabsticks and avocado.

FULL R750 | HALF R400

From: R400.00

High Tea Platter

This platter has something for everyone. A combination of savoury and sweet mini tea time treats.  Mini quiches, sausage rolls, cheese sandwiches, scones, swiss rolls and cupcakes.

FULL R380 | HALF R220

From: R220.00

Fruit Platter

Only the freshest seasonal fruit like grapes, kiwi fruit, strawberries, pineapples and sweet melon that is beautifully slices and displayed.

FULL R390 | HALF R240

From: R240.00

Crudites Platter

A variety of colourful, crisp, in-season vegetables including baby corn, assorted peppers, crunchy carrots and fresh pineapple - arranged around a tasty cream cheese dip.

FULL R300 | HALF R175

From: R175.00


Delightfully Decadent Platter

An assortment of sweet temptations including cocktail cream doughnuts, mini chocololate eclairs, mini lemon meringues, apple tartlets and milk tartlets.

FULL R350 | HALF R200

From: R200.00

Tea Time Treats Platter

These delicious brownies, yummy jam turnovers and an assortment of danishes are sure to complement any tea party.

FULL R370 | HALF R210

From: R210.00

Sweet Treat Platter

This platter is filled with tasty sweet treats including assorted delicious danishes, delicious doughnuts and cream scones.

FULL R360 | HALF R200

From: R200.00

Tartlet Platter

Absolute decadence. These mini treats: delicious apple crumbles, creamy milk tarts, tangy lemon meringues, custard fruit tarts and indulgent brownie tarts will keep your guests coming back for more.

FULL R370 | HALF R200

From: R200.00

Sweet Mini Croissant Platter

Mini croissants filled with delicious chocolate mousse, fresh cream, decadent chocolate ganache and a deliciously creamy custard.

FULL R340 | HALF R180

From: R180.00

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